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Tokyo Palette ‘Clear’ event

Sayuri Designs participated in an event called Tokyo Palette ‘Clear’ in Daikanyama, on the last day of this Golden week, May 6th. It was our first time to join an event in Tokyo, and it went very well.

I was able to meet other talented designers, potential clients, and had a really good time overall. Preparing for this event, however, was a little challenging – in a good way.

We got the invitation a week before the event. Since the event had a well defined theme, I realized we had almost no pieces that would be a good fit for this event. I wanted something new, fresh, and fitting with the event, so decided on creating a new collection with new materials and techniques, starting from zero.

I really struggled with time, but managed it by dedicating my Golden Week to creating these new pieces and preparing for the event (sorry Jose…) Eventually, a great new line came out and it was well received – I’m happy with it.

The event turned out to be a great experience, we meet lots of people, got new ideas for upcoming collections, and learned lots.

Thanks for everybody who came to the Tokyo Palette ‘Clear’ event. Thanks to organizers and people who worked in the cafe. Thanks to my lovely husband Jose.

Summerly earrings. Perfect for coming season!
Popular accessories which are made of resin and natural flowers.
Resin earrings made of natural stones and resin.
My sales booth.
With lovely clients. They are so cute.
With Iria and Akiko who were part of the organizers.

Tokyo Palette

Buy the way, I used to come to this place it was another cafe called ’58’ when I used to work in Daikanyama.  I never imagined myself doing an event there at that time..

They have delicious food and great atmosphere and fun events like parties after weddings. Check it out.

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