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New website is launched!

I’m thrilled to introduce new website!

One day my husband Jose said “I have a gift for you”. He gave me new business cards with a new website address, the one where you are reading this now.

We used to talk about how the first website was not mobile friendly, things about updates and security, and other points we needed to fix. Jose and his friend David secretly created this site and surprised me. He likes surprising me.

To be honest, at first I had mixed feelings about the surprise. When he did it I didn’t feel the new site was an urgent change needed to be done. Some of the reasons we discussed were a little too technical to understand – Jose is in the marketing and analytics industry ( and David is an analytics implementation consultant ( – and thinking about the changing the site while working, a parent of young kids and the pandemic was a little too much. But as we improve detail after detail, I am now very happy with the new website.

Also, a new logo design is also here! My friend Fumiko, a professional graphic designer and CEO at ShootingStar.LLC, helped me.

I deeply appreciate the time, efforts and skills spent on Sayuri Designs.

You will notice I didn’t change the brand concept or style, but the change is very refreshing.

Thank you so much for all of you, especially to Jose, David and Fumiko.

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